PSANZ Academy Nomination Form

Applications close on the 30th July, 2023

The Board of the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand invites nominations from members of all disciplines and career stages for membership of the PSANZ Academy.

The PSANZ Academy will be a diverse group of members of the Society who will provide support for the Annual Congress activities. It will also provide an opportunity for early- and mid-career researchers to gain experience with important academic activities under the supervision and guidance of more experienced PSANZ Academy members. We encourage all members, including consumers and those from disciplines with small numbers of members, to consider their involvement in this new initiative.

The PSANZ Academy will be called upon to:

1. Review abstracts submitted for presentation at the PSANZ Annual Congress
2. Judge presentations at the Annual Congress to identify award recipients (e.g. New Investigator Awards)
3. Chair sessions at the Annual Congress

Nominees must be current financial members of PSANZ. They should also have a reasonable history of attendance and presentations at previous Annual Conferences.

How many times have you reviewed abstracts for PSANZ?*
How many times have you chaired PSANZ conference sessions?*
How many times have you chaired sessions at other conferences? *
How many times have you judged presentations at PSANZ conferences?*
How many times have you judged presentations at other conferences?*
I agree to provide peer review of abstracts for the PSANZ Annual Congress*
I agree to act as a judge of presentations for at least one PSANZ Annual Congress*
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